Student Spotlight

Stock Market

CHS Stock Market Competition 

This competition involved teams from grades 10-12 from 4 different Westwind Division Schools each vying for a grand prize of $800. 

Over a period of 5 weeks students gained practical experience in stock markets through this competition, fostering a comprehensive understanding of trading practices. Participants were allocated virtual funds to engage in investment decisions within a risk-free setting. The purpose of this exercise consisted of a group presentation detailing the acquired knowledge, discussing their successes, errors, key insights, and the reasoning behind their trading activities within the simulated stock market.

Congratulations to Raymond High School's team "Making Cents" for emerging victorious by taking 1st place.

- Ariana Hartley

- Hallie Bissett

- Deanne Fisk

- Sam Smith

Way to go, "Making Cents" crew for crushing it in the competition!

Giving Back

Staff and students at Raymond High School were working together for this year's service project. The goal is to involve the entire school student body in a service initiative within our local community to give back. In partnership with the Town of Raymond, this year's project involved cleaning headstones at the Raymond Cemetery.

Following the service activity students enjoyed a lunch that was provided by this year’s School Council.

Service Club

Our students have continually amazed us throughout the year with their desire and excitement to serve.  Approximately 30 students, named the Happy Helpers, have gathered twice a month to coordinate service projects within the community.  They have helped with a coat drive, Meals on Wheels, the Little Free Pantries, reading at the elementary school, and Adopt-a-Grandparent. They have also helped at the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen, organized the elementary Easter Egg Hunt, and spent their lunchtime cleaning up the schoolyard. 

They are inspiring! 


Congrats to Raybotics and ASAP both teams from Raymond! Each team triumphed in the zones division this year, earning spots in the provincials and landing 13th and 14th places out of 32 teams.

Students engaged in the FIRST Alberta robotic challenge, a program offering a range of mentor-led, team-oriented robotics challenges.

Robotics encompasses:

  • Coding
  • Engineering
  • 3D printing
  • Construction


Excitedly anticipating the upcoming season and fundraising efforts for the next year.

Lauriane Zumbach

Skills Canada Alberta Provincials

Congratulations to RHS student Lauriane Zumbach for winning the bronze medal in this year’s Fashion Technology category.

The fashion technology industry focuses on the design and production of clothing and apparel. Students learn the fundamentals of good design including color theory, design history and textile properties. 

These fundamentals will lay the groundwork for pattern creation and drafting, technical illustrations, draping, and industrial sewing machine operation. Students learn how to present their collection through storyboarding, fashion shows, photoshoots and buyer’s presentations, as well as the business of fashion such as marketing, merchandising and costing.


Noah Lyons

High school students gathered in Lethbridge, for a weekend-long virtual reality (VR) development competition. Hack and Seek is a hackathon— a gathering of people who work collaboratively to create a computer program.

Congratulations to Raymond High School's own Noah Lyons. He's been working on 3D development and modeling for a few years out of his own interest and with help from mentors in the industry.

Noah and his teammates, also from Westwind schools, built a Walking Simulator: Zen Forest Edition, showcasing the benefits of an outdoor walk or run. The goal was “to care about yourself more, and to see the beauty of nature.” The team earned third place in Lethbridge and a $1,000 prize.


Westwind Thunders Dancers

Westwind Thunders Dancers visited Raymond High School. The dancers are made up of elementary to high school-aged students. The group was formed in 2022 by Jerry First Charger, a family school liaison counselor with Westwind School Division. RHS Students had the opportunity to observe a variety of performances from hoop dancing, B-boy breakdancing, First Nations singing, and drumming.