Girls Basketball

2021-2022 Basketball Schedule

PDF version of this years schedule is available.

(Note: games and dates are subjected to change. Stay up to date with RHS Athletic Calendar.)

Girls' Varsity Basketball


Armener, Drew        Graves, Abby           May, Ami

Baines, Aubrey        Graves, Gabby         Mora, Madison

Clawson, Ellie          Heggie, Jane

Gibb, Delaney          Long, Summer


Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball


Livi Sudo                        Taylor Salmon                        Olive Larson

Gabby Graves                 Alli Baldry                             Miya Chalifoux

Sophie Smith                  Hazel Stone                           Livvy Hasegawa

Tycee Jensen                  Tessa Anderson



Head Coach: Spencer Wenzel

Statistician: Riley