Our History


Raymond High School (RHS) is a secondary public school in Raymond, Alberta, Canada.  The school is in the Westwind School Division and has approximately 250 students. This all began with the construction of the first school house in 1902 (Picture 1).  The building was completed in 1903. It was not only used as the settlement's first schoolhouse, it was also used as the meetinghouse for the LDS Church and for other community events.   As the town continued to grow the Knight Academy (Picture 2) was formed in 1910, and it became a Grade 9 to 12 school and then a high school. Later, a new Raymond High School (Picture 3) was opened in 1952 west of the Opera House.  With a strong interest in sports the Raymond High School was nicknamed the “Comets”. The first basketball scoreboard for any school in southern Alberta was situated in this school.  This school also had an Industrial Arts and Home Economics program. Then in November 1963 it moved again (Picture 4) to the current Junior High location. There were improvements to the heat, lights, equipment and a full size gymnasium. In 2008 construction was started on the school we have today (Picture 5). It includes a 1,000 seat gymnasium, gathering space, modernization and a full functioning commercial kitchen. Even though the building has changed throughout the years one thing remains the same, and that is our mission statement:

“We believe that all students can learn. It is our responsibility as the staff of Raymond High School to recognize individual differences and abilities. Through an educational partnership between student, teacher, parent and community, we ensure that every student is given the opportunity to succeed in a safe and caring environment.”              

First School House2.jpg

Picture 1. First School House

Knight Academy.jpeg

Picture 2. This building started out as an LDS Church Academy, Knight Academy. That was from 1910-1921. It then was sold to the School District and became the High School, 1921-1956.


Picture 3. The High School was opened in 1952 located west of the Opera House.



Pictures 4. Raymond High School November 1963 to 2008


Picture 5. Raymond High School today: 2008 - present