RHS Scholarship Trust Fund & Westwind School Division Fund 

Averages will be taken from core classes at each grade level. Students must have at least an 80% average in Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12 core classes. 

Top Student Award - Top student in Grade 10 and 11, based on valedictorian criteria.


Grade 12 Subject Awards - Top student in each of the grade 12 subjects, provided that the top mark is 80% or higher. 


Bev Cooper-Leavitt Valedictorian Award - This is the student who has the highest average in English 30-1, Mathematics 30-1, Social Studies 30-1, and any two of the following Chemistry 30, Biology 30, or Physics 30. 

SPECIAL NOTE: This is determined by Diploma Examinations and only the blended mark is used in the calculation. The cash award may or may not go to the same person who earns the "speaking" Valedictorian privilege at graduation. 


The Eugene Dahl Memorial Award - in the Fine Arts: goes to the top graduating student registered in a Fine Arts program at a University. 


RHS Citizenship Award - Is awarded by the Raymond High School. This goes to the graduating student who is judged to contribute the most in making RHS a pleasant place to be. Nominated and selected by staff members. 


Dr. Shawn Heggie Academic/Athlete Award - Awarded to a male and female student who has achieved excellence both in the classroom and in athletics at RHS. To be determined by Dr. Heggie.


Chandler Depew Memorial Award - is selected by staff to a student that has shown perseverance throughout their high school career. 


Raymond Dental Clinic Dr. Mike Smith Award - Awarded to the student that has worked with children or adults with special needs. This can be awarded to 2 students that have been involved in helping other students, adults, children or family members with disabilities during their high school years. 


Scott Barton Award - is based on academic achievement and demonstrated leadership and community service. 


RHS Class of 1964 Award - is Awarded to the graduates who are always showing a caring attitude and making others feel welcome, valued and respected. 


RHS Class of 1992 Award - is awarded to the graduating student who is judged to contribute the most in making Raymond High School a pleasant place to be.


Paul Hasegawa Athletic Leadership Award - is awarded to the student athlete that has demonstrated desire, leadership and integrity throughout their career in athletics. 


Marilyn Salmon Memorial Award - is awarded to a student who exhibits kindness to all and is pursuing further education at a post secondary institution. 


Lyman H. Jacobs Leadership Award - is awarded to a student who exhibits leadership skills throughout their high school career. 


Don and Roslyn Heggie Award - is awarded to the student who displays an interest in the agricultural industry. 


Alexander Rutherford Scholarship - is also available to students with an 80% average in selected subjects for each high school grade. See your guidance counsellor for details and application forms. 

Note: Only courses taken at the Raymond High School will be considered for award purposes. This provides a consistent evaluation for all students. Exchange students and mature students are not eligible for any of the above awards. When a course has a Diploma Examination, the exam must be written in order to be considered for an award.


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