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Flex Periods

We have flex periods twice a day from Monday to Thursday.

What are flex periods?

They are 25 minute periods (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) in which students have the opportunity to facilitate their own learning.

What can we do during flex periods?

We have provided 4 options for students to use during this flex time.

They are:

  • Students can receive extra help in a course where they are missing assignments, tests or are trying to improve their overall grade. 
  • Teachers can request students who are missing assignments, tests or who need a little extra time to understand the concept being taught. 
  • Use the time to do homework with a teacher present or get caught up in their classes. 
  • If they have no other homework, missing assignments or a teacher doesn't need them, then they are free to read in an quiet environment in the gym. 

Why do we have flex periods?

Flex periods were designed with the student in mind. We understand that students are extremely busy and have many obligations to attend to. If flex periods are used properly, they can be very beneficial to the student.

Parental Encouragement

We would like to ask the parents to encourage their students to take advantage of the flex time that is built in to our everyday schedule. Thank you for your help in building our learning community. 

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